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Related article: Collection of regular food delicious, Jay had prepared. Twixt was sunset and the moon. There was enough dust red on the horizon to enlarge the full moon bigger than life. It was huge and of gold, as it emerged in the shadow of the dark trees in the distance. The two lovers were being cream liqueur flavored with mint. Each of them had a book in her lap, she had not opened while listening to Billie Holiday CD quiet howl their sad songs. ".. Every night was long and dark shadows gathered in the air No one heard me, Nobody asked me," Do I have to ?. Nobody in the world I love, No, the stars, which are hung. Then the moon rose over me And I saw I was young. " Rhythm, and Billie was changed to omit the most important. " I was over the moon n for something I never knew.... wanted on the moonI have known more. A sweet rose, , a softer sky, 1 April of n not dance. I asked a asterisk throw me a beam of two children. I wish on a star of n and asked for a dream or two. I looked for every beauty. all came true. was over the moon n a. " The song was the last cut on the CD, so that Roger and Cliff see also quiet breathing at the time and the appreciation of all the creations of nature. " Did you know that the last song ? "Roger demand. " Yes, it's one of my favorites. I have video of them, by Sinatra and Fitzgerald. "Cliff said. N " Have you ever wished on the moon? " " I have things to do. " " not as a substitute for prayer? "N " You tell me. "Cliff questioned. N " I guess not, if you really think about it. People pray to offer thanks for the things they do. They ask for guidance and a rule for questions things out of the ordinary scope of possibility. Meanwhile, wflourishing on the moon n is arrogant, full of wistful fantasy wishes and desires. " " As you can see, you know a lot about how I knew, "Cliff said. " Kids today... "Roger continued:" Do you have to do wishes to the stars or the moon as we? " " I wonder what makes Rog, and I fear the answer. " " Why? " " Because the moon does not have a remote control. You can not change color and size at any time. It takes 30 days to complete its cycle of n and that is too long for most children to wait from now, or take care of us. " " It's a shame. The moon has painted an indelible image in history. He played an important role in the war and battles. More importantly, , which played a role in love. Cleopatra arrived in the Nile boat in the moonlight, so they look their best. Something about the Moon influence of Beethoven to write his " Moonlight Sonata " and to compose n immortal Debussy " Clair de Lune. " How many thousands have contemporary composer correlateded the moon and fall in love?... "Blue Moon "... " By the light of the silvery moon "... "Moonlight Bay"... "Moonglow "... "Moon Over Miami "... "Moonlight Becomes You". Fast All our Lolita Preteen great composers have been affected by it in any way. Today N... The newer songs the children sing rare mention of the moon. are do not realize how wonderful it is to sit, holding hands or hugging, while allowing the moon to talk about them ? "Roger said. " It's not just the moon, Rog. People have forgotten to look for beauty s in all nature. I can still spend hours looking at a butterfly or a bee collect pollen. Continue to contribute to the increase of natural resources to us as they are the things that are taken for granted. I remember when I were young and liked to wander and get into the sea under the moonlight, hand in hand. Today. Only people who see me walk in the hand or the sea at night, older people who are trying to recapture their youth. on this day , it is necessary to get high inThe drugs, which could overcome the natural... I has n! I could see a wave and ask me if you have created on the coast of Scotland or perhaps South Africa. How long does it take to reach our shores ? As soon as he came and crashed on the beach, the trip was over. is traveled for days and weeks, thousands of miles, surviving all the elements , by a whistle. Was it worth it ? Probably not. It is better to go for life makes a small buzzing live your life without purpose. "N " You know what I would do, " Roger said with enthusiasm: " I I like to hike and Jeff, Jason, and Tony.. Lolita Preteen and perhaps Earl. Show them the true meaning of life in the forest, open fields or by the ocean. Someone in what we have learned after they have gone again. " " Roger is a good idea, but you can not reinvent civilization, or return for a generation to make our way, "said Cliff him. " I will not try, " Roger said : " I just want some of them to suspend is the X- generation. into account the very different approaches when it comes to value of a dollar, what is war, and to guard the way to the principles of the was high for most and that we, as " the now in contrast all that is important. "" " are you suggesting that parents today are raising a lot of spoiled brats," Cliff said half jokingly. " no, I'm just saying that the parents are still not aware of their children how to prepare for the future. " " And all because we no longer see or sing the moon? " "You got it! " He said, as if to say"Eureka !. " " Roger, that is what we are hearing now you say ? " " Of course, as we said, right? " " Not only what we have said, but the way he said. " " What do you mean ? " " I think it sounded like two decrepit geezers. Jesus! all said, was in opposition to their true feelings. " " not really, Cliff. I do not think they see things like... I just want to see them in their own perspective, but more importantly... to see them. .. from the moon. "He replied, pretending pot, as if he had punished Cliff to act their age. " All right, Father Cliff, moon, and tell me what you see. " Cliff thought for a moment before answering :" A big Lolita Preteen green wheel cheese. " "There! They just prove what I mean. Blue Cheese ! That's what I use for the moon was made. Kids today see the landing on the moon as for spacecraft, or a place to have a spy satellite from the point of... not an n of them consider it more like a ball of green cheese. "Roger said, frustrated midway n. " That's why I've always loved. "Cliff said. " You are but whimsical Peter Pan with the same opinion as you have always... and I hope... is forever. "N " I love you too, but what I mean? " " Of course, your point of view, I have all the younger generation to see it. " " Well, they can see... disagreed with him. " " Shut up, Baby Snooks, and we go to bed... We must not fail to note that moonlRight in the window of the bedroom. " " " " He who makes the branches of oak dance on the walls? The one and the same. " " Why not go out and kiss to linger ? " Roger said, rubbing is the front against the cliff. " Cause you get me all hot and bothered and I fuck that, here on the porch. " " Before God and all that? "Roger gave birth... " Hey, who said, s that ?... "Before God and everybody? " "Sandra Dee said Troy Donahue in " n A Summer Place "that dummy! " "I thought Tab Hunter , who said, Aldo Ray in "Battle Cry '. " " No.. " " And what about Aldo Tab? " " why " nuncha ' to come and get some time, big boy ? " " Do you really think there are so many kids in the closet in Hollywood as about the tabloids? " " probably... but now casting couches are leather with chains... n , and wives. " " In Really? " " I " " from the best sources. the Crown has had success clear... by Arthur in " Camelot. " Arthur showed bet Guinevere the moon. "Roger said. " Yes, and mooned see Lancelot " " This will be my honeymoon ? " Roger said, solemnly, his pants had n and crouch. " Well, what you think. "N " is more like Saturn with rings around... WAIT! WAIT!... It's NOT Saturn... looks more like a... Yes, it's coming out... God! There is a black hole ! " ass! " " This is a part of it!... Tell me, Captain Kirk, the black hole have a background of it? " n " Why not explore the first seven and a half inch of him, and for you. " " Oooh, I love going on expeditions. " " Keep your eyes in them, so do not go away, and still in the room of the s. " " Only if you put the CD of John Williams on the machine. I want to highlight the the whole thing. " They both laughed and hugged like old friends, and lovers. They were happy together. They entered the house and down the room unaware that his conversation had been overheard by Jay Troy, they were coming around on the porch. Jay and Troy sat on the edge of the porch and hanging legs. " are like two children," said Troy. " Two kids in love. " Added Jay. " Do you think it 's going to be like them if we been together like s long as they have ? " "Yes... At least I will. "Jay said with certainty. "Baby, I'm very happy for the tests. Do you really think they have arrested a , the damn things ? " " Totally. Choose Mainly because I have to believe, and Secondly because God is for us to be together long, long time. " " Heck, we've been through a lot. I think we deserve a little kind. " "There is curiously gave us plenty of time to find another, especially in the way he did. " Jay said with nostalgia. "Life can be painful times, life can be beautiful... sometimes both. " N "We still believe that Cliff was sent by God, and he is our Angel the guard. " " Yes, I have no doubt. " Jay said with certainty. " Have you heard the entire conversation ? " "Most of them. What part ofDo you mean ? " " The thing about the moon. "Troy said. " What is it? " " Well, what do you see when you look at the moon... cheese, or what? "N " I see a big question mark. " " Explain. " " Oh, look at the moon sometimes fills me with questions and concerns. " " About what? "Troy asked, putting his arm around the shoulder and Jay the moon. " How old are you ? How long does it revolves around the earth? Y when I look beyond them... the universe... how big is it? How many universes are out there ? Is the earth really is 65000000000 Year n old as some scientists say ? God, it's hard for me to imagine live year to year. We have not lived to see thirty, however, y... n , for some, a lifetime but 65 billion ? God already has it all this time? How old are you ? I wonder if the world had made ​​ here 65 years now, much less 65 billion more. " " somehow do not believe to be there to find out. " ", but Troy, quthat if we are wrong. What if the theory of Reincarnation is not just a theory? What if we take the time to go back time? " I am sure that if we do, we will be together again. I am sure that We are soul mates and meant to be together forever and now. " " What if one of us is born dead or dies without a child? " "Then we will lose all that go and meet in the next. " said Troy, Jay moved head on his shoulder. "There can be romantic, though. " "What? " " The moon, silly, I think Roger is right. People do not want \\ \\ n view of the moon they are accustomed. " " Lolita Preteen Oh, and how people should be aware of? " " the moon is as varied as the people. changing the face of and mood thirty times a month. Then the following month, appears in a else in the sky, so it is in constant motion. it is sometimes and we can only see one little of it. 's sometimes cold and white. other times is warm and golden. Sometimes, when placed in the ocean, for example, Calinia, which is red like blood. The moon controls the tides flow the flow. Have you ever heard that psychiatric hospitals go crazy if there is a full moon? " " Yes, but not in psychiatric hospitals. " " Some doctors have a theory, since the human body is composed of 87% water and the full moon is like a magnet on the tide to rise so that the in the body of water on the brain... allow water to brain... crazy... crazy! " " Do you believe this ? "N " It makes sense to me. "Said Jay. N " Nothing makes sense for you! "Troy teased him to surrender, Jay s a quick kiss on the nose. " Okay, wise guy, if you know much... what is a blue moon ? " " I know... without a lifeline. It is when the moon is in the cycle , where he completed twice in a month. "Jay said, smugly. " Uh huh! That I did not know, right? " " I am pleasantly surprised. " " Now tell me what you know. " " I just know I love you. "Troy said, seriously. " Tell me something I do not know, I... For " n " I know that I know, livand a day without you. " " I know. Troy did not think I could have defeated this scourge , if not for you. You are my reason for being. " "Look! There is a shooting star. "Troy said, pointing to the sky ". Make a wish ! " Both closed their eyes and remains motionless for a moment silence n. " Have you ever wanted to do more, like a child? "Asked Jay. " Yes, I think so. I remember my brother and me out to the roof of our apartment building in Brooklyn every evening at dusk. We would like to the first star that we saw every night. Lolita Preteen " " is one of his wishes ever come true ? "N " I am sitting here with you, right? " Troy said quietly, leaning by a quick kiss on the lips this time, Jay. " What you want, is even now? " " Like always wanted... a cure for AIDS and a vaccine n against the HIV virus. For " n " Go, baby, I find it. I am sure that the it. Physicians have to be close. Look how good you 've become. "N " You know, why not? " " If you say that tHat damn broccoli, I rap on the side of the the head. " " Seriously, this might have had something to do in part, , plus the new drug, and Cliff 's words and prayers, but mostly it was. When I met you I was dying. I had left just a couple of weeks. then you have come in my life and showed me how to love me and think that someone n could love. Suddenly had a mind to go live for a reason. If I sometimes short, I wanted to spend another day with you... and other... until they finally took me to that could not die easily, and the output. I went and I stayed and had a life ahead n us. " " By God, if that's what he did, you should write a book and let in each of his little secret. " " I will tell all, if the hospital is ready and that Home to admit HIV-infected patients. I'm not going to say it bluntly, but it is my message... "If you want to be healthy, first time you start to know, love... and I loved to be. " " Do you think thedo ? " ", I show my T cell count before I had met you and to what extent six months later. high " n " You want to do that, we have Cliff and Roger? " " What? " " Go to bed early and make mad passionate love to see the moon by our window? " " sounds like a winner! Go " " let us. " Troy Jay took her hand and led him back to the house, n in the marble foyer Throughout his bedroom where he undressed, lay down, and saw the moon. Meanwhile, in another part of the Briarwood, Walter Clayton was sitting with his newly built swimming pool with a glass and toasting the new law partner, David Royer. almost two weeks had passed, David had been a member the company of Walter. Vivien, wife of David, he felt the end of the marriage had taken a trip to Montana to visit his mom and dad. this freely left David, Walter, Walter in new real estate business to visit to discuss clients, and various other things. the "other things " was one of the main Focus between the two had made progress in their relationship and Walter that it was time to take David to bed for the first time n "My God,What a beautiful moon. " said David. " Yes, it's good," said Walter. "David, as a child, Have you ever Lolita Preteen been in a car ? " "Sorry, Walt, but the closest I ever came aa a car, is that I saw n in a movie. " " I would be willing to bet that today's children, including my own, have no idea what a car... or was! We used to have them in the south. We would rent a car, hitch it up to a horse or maybe two, distributed according to the size of the burden of children, four bales of hay in the wagon, get the date you want and each one of us sit back n watch the stars, while the car driver took us back to a walk in the countryside. only drawbacks were the cold, Lolita Preteen but sometimes of hay fever on sudden smell of manure, if one of the horses decided it was time go... but, oh, my God, what a wonderful time we had nothing in the harvestMoon! " " I never said you were a rebel. It does not determine trace of a southern accent. " " I was twelve years old when my parents Lolita Preteen moved to Birmingham. Before was born and raised in Vermont... where they were right Monde especially in winter. " " Ah... "Moonlight in Vermont '... " " Exactly. I assume you are familiar with the song? " " Yes, may be young, but my parents taught me to appreciate a good Music n. " " is not unique, what makes this song. Margaret Whiting s father, Richard wrote the lyrics beautiful. they paint a picture of Vermont, and most strange words do not rhyme scheme. believe that words that rhyme, but they were nowhere near. " " I swear. I've never been clear... but you're right ! not I rhyme. " " I just thought it should be little tidbit in the Regis know always know that for someone Lifeline. " " you are full of all kinds of small things, right? I'm saying because I learned much in the last two weeks. " " There is much more I want to show. "Walter said. " As... " " Making love for the man. " " I thought about it. " " Y... ? "N " I think I'm ready. " " What about tonight? Do you think you could spend the night ? " " What about your children? Alex and Jeff does not want to believe something that if if you see me in your room? " " Hell, you're lucky you do not invite first " " Your children are gay ? " " Both! " " And you do not object ? " " Jesus,no! Why should I let it grow is missing, what I found, for the greatest pleasure on earth? Let me know Lolita Preteen as soon as the two of them were unsure about Lolita Preteen their sexuality. I thought it was my duty as father, do not try to change them. No, but to encourage them to be safe whatever they wanted. " " Damn it, Walter, you're one in a million. Never heard of the father of s had to get along with their children. "N " I love you, David. There are many ways to love your show children. Are you familiar with n 'The Fantasticks ' the show Off- Broadway? " " You will Lolita Preteen not believe, but I've played at our high school Matt production. " " Then you know, the two men sing the song in the best way to a your kids to do something, say "no" to them. Telling a child not Lolita Preteen to drink , smoking, drugs or sex, and these are the first things in the n your mind. is like saying " not to think of elephants! 'S and, of course, the is the first thing you think. I knew if I told my kids that gay sex n I was wrong, I'd try all anyway... so why not reverse the psychology n and let you try it with the full consent of his father on the condition the practice of ' safe sex'. " " are you one of them a boyfriend or lover? " " Alex has. Perhaps I saw a cute guy in church on Sunday. His name is Ted. they have been together for over a year. " "... and Jeff. " " You know Jeff, a priest wants to be. " " Yeah, I saw on the last Sunday Cliff HelpdeskVices. " " Well, before going through this religious transformation, all that he had a bulge under the place a pair of jeans teen prey to Jeff. This was a child, began to experiment with. However, after he learned to do what he wanted, which was ' Damn the torpedoes, here I am. Thanks to God, and Cliff, who is now about Jeff. " " Cliff has influenced many people appeared in their abilities thinking and acceptance of gay lifestyles. His sermons are very oriented openly gay. N " " That's because he is so sure of itself to Roger in their relationship. His luck seems to have no one to do it... By the way, I'm assuming you've had the opportunity to speak with Roger. " " Yes, he invited me to dine with him to have Cliff, and the two children living with them, Troy and Jay. " " everything now is copacetic between you and Roger? " " Perfect except for me in how I felt for him at the College , nor did I tell you what was going on between Viv and me. .. that is, knows absolutely nothing about our... And the me... budding relationship. He still thinks I'm happily married and only as an arrow, as he thought it would be if the two were roommates. " " Do you want him to feel what you know now ? " " In the course of time. " " I guess that's a signal to ask me how you feel now? " " Well, I know I certainly am no longer clear. I could not had sex with a man yet, but I know how I feel about it. " ", you said just now that is "ready" and I were invited to the night. You do not really give me an answer. " " Because you told me you have about Alex and Jeff, I see nothing wrong with my stay. " " Are you ready to have sex? You may or may gradually progress as fast as. " " Walter, I want you all you need to know to learn. I want to feel all, to feel what... Will you teach me to love? " " I would love nothing more. Would you like your final first drink ? " " Do you think that nid to get my value? I warn you that alcohol the other hand they could stop me. " " In this case, select from the cup and I'm damn to fix a glass Ovaltine. " He laughed little nervous, but laughed, n the same. Both there was a storm of emotional memory to each of their wedding night, only this time it was his girlfriend, who were worried. Walter was about s Davids accept the idea of virginity and the fear of Lolita Preteen hell out of it. in Ask if you would please David Walter, a newcomer n that when it was male. Both needed a drink n but each of them thought. is not Walter at the lights in your bedroom. There was a spill of light the moon shining through the room from the large French windows doors. was virtually the day the spill space for the moon. Walter David took the side of his bed and started undressing, slowly piece... pieces. was almost a ritual, as the preparation of amb before slaughter, only Walter refused to think in those terms. David thought the best thing to do would be to copy everything Walter did. for every bit of that away from Walter David... David, who in turn led to the exact piece of clothing from his mentor. Walter was soon up the last pieces... David slips. Before they retire. he held the palm of your n a hand on the patch in the crotch and held it there as she kissed David. David was surprised at first touch the hands of a man in his private parts and immediately became erect. Walter was the answer I was happy to have out. Walter was wearing shorts and nervous, David began to hands before touching underwear Walter. Before David came to white cotton cloth, Walter took the hand of David and passed through the fly in the face. David felt the flesh... male meat and was more exciting than I had dreamed to be with his former love, Roger. David began his closingERS around the shaft of the penis and Walter its natural course and began to swell. To what extent was not sure David because this was their first contact. "Walter, I tremble. " Whispered David. "I have fear. " N "I know Dave. You're doing something good. I want to pack in your hand and hold on tight. There is nothing to fear. I will not attempt to trivialize any way or in everything you do. so easy and relax. " David breathed deeply and tried to breathe out all fear. He said he did what he wanted for her years and is in good hands with a man who sincerely cared n to him. It was just a bit much for a normal, healthy man, who had married Dragon fought in the courtroom, so intimidated by the initial love. It felt as if it were a male version of Jane Eyre, that but for years locked in a tower on the edge of the loss of her man virginity. Walter took slowly, promising nothing, could not run David alarm ordo everything that David was not willing to do. Walter will be remembered, if him and Alex Bruce and Ted had taken a camping trip and showed them the wonders of male love. The main difference is, of course, that Alex n and Ted had been in his youth and inexperience completely. David, in the On the other hand, was married. He was the "man " for his family and his master bedroom s, until now, David was in uncharted territory, with another man in the bedroom and object of affection for another man. Not knowing what to do next. David Walter decided to masturbate to little. This was an act of courage for him, but overall I felt very youthful. "Is it okay if I do? " David said. " All we want is that the night with you. " Walter said. " Can we eliminate child's play and something a little more daring " asked David, thank the gods that the room was dark and not Walter to see the expression of his face, except the embers of the moonlight on your face. added : "Okay. " Walter. 'N I know it's dark, but I want to close your eyes for a minute. Do not worry, but I will remove shorts. " " Good. " Walter makes the panties down her legs and put David in knees in front of David in the crotch. Walter came and David grabbed his penis and began to massage, as if kneading dough. the action work because David was a member soon to be more hard and firm in handle Walter. Walter leaned over and blew his hot breath on his cock throbbing n. the warm air had an opposite effect on David, because he experienced a shiver through his body. the cold turned into an embarrassment when David Walter felt his mouth cover. In all the years was married to a Vivien, none of them had tried oral sex. always had identifies it as something dirty and disgusting. Only in dreams and fantasies of David that he had imagined it would be... and only as a man. but the probability that each time that happens in the countryside was all possiblepossibilities... and suddenly the moment here... what happened... no in a dream, but in real life... His life. All inhibitions disappeared in the n for a moment. He was sure now that he was gay. The only fear I had was him fall in love with her ​​boss. "Falling in Love"... This n had planned was something that did not happen. For the next two hours, Walter David took careful guidance Wonderland tour... manual, oral, anal, and all the " Ly " other think it could.. The movements were slow, endearing and memorable. Walter was not clear how much he had lost sex with Bruce and emotional and physical release was wonderful for him. was during the third kiss, Walter to question their feelings for n David. Was it just physical or is it a true romantic feelings for his new life partner ? No matter, none of them had spoken love. David Walter had nothing with him had tried to resist. physically thatBoth were fantastic with one night. There were many nights he that is, if you could talk about feelings and how far it should o accept their relationship. down the hall, struck his brother Jeff, Alex door. " Are you awake, brother? " Jeff asked. " Yes, Ted and I stay here, look at the moon. " " Me too almost from day to my room... the moon is so bright. " \\ \\ N Jeff said. " Anything you want ? " Alex asked. " It's not all... just wondering if I had heard strange noises from the room Dad? " " Yes, as in the old days, when ' uncle ' Bruce used output the night with my father. "Alex replied with a smile. " Do you think Mr. Pope and Royer are serious about each other? " " I hope so. " " Why I will tell you. " " Jeff, do you know how dad has been single since ' uncle ' Bruce stopped called... or to come. " " Yes, but this uncle... Why, Dad barely knows. " " Daddy knows what he's doing, and I'm not foreign to them... and if it as well. " n " OK... if you're happy, then I'm happy. "Jeff said purpose. " Would you jump in my bed and spend the night with us? " " Come on, Jeff, "said Ted. " I can only bite your brother! " " Ted I see you've trained well, "joked Jeff. " If the love for the royal brother fall, is that trust takes the place of education "said Ted. " has room for me? "Asked Jeff. " forever, "said Alex, " you know I love you both.... almost the same, now, "said Jeff " I love you, brother, "said Ted Alex said :. " I know I have never said that to you, but Jeff, I am proud of you. I 'm glad you're my brother. I know I can listen to crazy for you to say, dass.. especially when you doubted your reasons for wanting to and an altar boy finally announced they wanted to become a priest. " " Alex, I overheard a conversation with Father Cliff 'uncle' Roger on n and how he saved the life of this man the other night. He said, made ​​his way which is a kind of priest as well. " " Hell, I 'm not pRiester. I was doing my job. "Alex said, ational defense. " Yes, but the way his father said Cliff, it was as if of their work. He said that not everyone can say and not what has been... and also, as you have said and done... man is alive, today... all thanks to you. " " Jeff is right, dear, "said Ted. " Oh, shut up, you two! Jeff dip in the bed and the two hug. "Observed Jeff and crawled between Alex and Ted who gave them a big hug, put his head on Alex 's shoulder and held out his hand to keep Ted hand that was so long after. she was asleep, his corpses hung together enjoying the moonlight. ow that Walter had moved to the larger house was Kyle and Ryan , the possibility was given to enter the house of Alex, Jeff, and he, or the two of them were in the guest house at the end of the swimming motion s of the pool. of course, they want their private life had no choice but Kyle Ryan and guests House of Representatives. KentuckyHe had been sitting in your living room look dark in the the window that overlooked the pool, while Walter and his new partner, David sat a conversation at the other end. According to Walter and his guests retreated to the main house. Kyle came out and sat on the edge of the pool and dangled his feet in the water. He lit a cigarette and slowly inhaled the first puff of smoke as if he needed to relieve the stresses of the day. A few minutes later, Ryan also came and joined him, put his feet in the water, too. " What is it, girls? " Ryan asked. "Can not sleep," Lolita Preteen said Kyle. " The full moon makes me damn awake. " "Does the medicine? " " Yes, the glass full of them. " Said Kyle. "God, it seems that all I can, pills 24 hours a day. " " Well, can not start... you know how well they have done. The last census was normal. " " I know. I guess I should not be so ungrateful. his was even more that my normal. " " Thank God for medical science and for... Walter, Cliff, and Roger. Without them there would be. " " I know, dass.. you and I would not. " " Want to go swimming? Could it be that you are tired of going to sleep. " " No, I'm pretty tired... I can be tired. " " What do you think of David? "Asked Ryan. " Not my type but I like it. I think Walter has. " " Oh, what's your type? " " something wrong with your eyesight or are all the mirrors in the house stolen? " " Thank you. "Ryan said he was reassured by the comments of Kyle. " Do I need to still makes you happy? " " This is his second stupid question in a row! Of course yes, that idiot. " " I think it's good to reaffirm our love sometimes. I do not think that is always something we take for granted. " " this damn disease, I am probably the man happiest on earth. " " no more luck than me. Walter must have a big heart both of us in the way he did. " " Do you think that Alex and Jeff know how lucky you have one, is father of Walter? " " I think so. I pray to God, tHat, my parents and understand and accept, as Walter. Mine told me about that damn street. You do not have a curse on me. " " Do you know anything about either of your parents because they are moved to Walter? " " Not after I had my stuff from home. That not want to know anything about me... and the feeling was mutual. "Ryan said, feeling something irritated by his father. " What about your family? "I asked Ryan, Moving the focus of the conversation to Kyle. " For them no more, because they can not trust me to be of his meal ticket. " " really helps ? " " Yes.. Rent, food, clothing and everything they wanted buy. I thought it would be both a small bust when my check had become residual Walter. That's the least after what I had done for me can do. " " Heck, Walter does not need its residual control. Since signing Roger for a client is for life. " " I know. But " I" have to give my check. So long he my ​​dignityand self esteem. " "Shit ! And I have nothing to give Walter. "Ryan said. " Walter does not want anything from you. Give you and me, all the n it can, is what you need. There are givers and takers in the world. The two of us is going to find a donor. Have you thought about more to go to college? " " Yes, now I see that both are going to live... and looks like , the two are going to beat this disease. I want to do everything I am that I can. I've been thinking about going to the medicine. I think I can help, new AIDS hospital more. You do not have plans in the plan s of administration? " " at full speed. "Said Kyle. " It is a time of show, but as you, I think I owe something to people like us n are not so lucky as. "N " I would like. Everybody with a large amount of money could be like Roger, he has the money rather than God, and I swear to be his last dollar, when you use help people. " " Do you feel like we are living in a kind of utopia? " " All thand time. I mean, look at us. We have everything in life , and we need to most people love someone surrounded n find. I do not think Roger is the money that is made all the difference in the of us. Take Rob and Timmy... sure they have the advantage that Roger de that had the financial support, but it was his talent that made ​​them so success. I heard his new Broadway show is a great success. I heard Cliff say they were a shoo -in to win a Tony Award this year for Best Actor in a Musical Director y music. Jay and Troy could not be happier... and then s of us... ' Utopia ' is an understatement! " " What do you feel of San Ginés church? " " I do not know... I do not know if I believe in God or not. I want to believe... and the feeling I have when I go to church... so, it is " going to church, simply go to " no as. I do something. When I was a kid and went to Sunday service, I sometimes felt I was preaching to. I was afraid of what next after the probeand school. Sunday School was a bit like the stories and games, then I will go and sit by a sermon that was hell for fear of me, to convince me, I have a n -way trip to hell and doom... What makes San Ginés is unlike anything that anyone's Lolita Preteen personal religion. when I kneel to pray... Only God and I have our own small n to speak. He knows what he wants and what he wants from me. There is no third part to intervene. It is a private community for two... God and I... I think that is what everyone wants Cliff 's father during the fair. Cliff, is one in a million... literally. "N " See you on the cliff, like everyone else is selling. " " heart and soul. "N " I wonder how many thousands of people from religion, not of himself n that someone as understanding as Cliff. I have the same kind of experience as when I go to San Ginés I know we have a huge amount of gays and lesbians to visit, but only PEOPwill not interfere. The lines have their own private God, as we do, and seem to accept and tolerate us, just as they do. " " God, look at this full moon ! " " I've been doing this all night looking for. That's what kept me sleep. " " Should I buy a mask to sleep tomorrow, Miss Kilgallen ? " " Hey ", it is almost time for " What's My Line "on the Game Show etwork No ! Want to see ? " " Sure. ¿ I fix a sandwich? " " fix a starter, I'm going to fall after the show is over. " " Promises ! promises! " laughed and rose from the pool. Ryan took a towel in the back of a chair and knelt at the foot of Kyle dry. " While you're there... " " Yes.. ?" "Forget it. I'll show you later. " The two were walking in the arm back to the table. it s no one in the pool to enjoy the moonlight on the left. In two hours can be the dawn. (To be continued in " Briarwood " - Thre BOOK - " BriarLost Timber "- Chapter 32) Ritchris Copyright 2005.
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